To All Our Brides From The Past – Happy Anniversary

When you’ve done something really well for 40+ years, it’s tough to give it up!

About three years ago, we decided it was time to have our summer Saturdays to ourselves once again – we stopped photographing large, all-day weddings. Yep, we went “cold turkey”. No more chasing beautiful women in white dresses. No more worrying about weather starting on Wednesday each week.

Many photographers give it up because they hate shooting weddings. Not us – we LOVED it! We had fabulous clients to work with. I can’t think of even one “Bridezilla”.

That’s what we do miss. Getting to work with some wonderful people on a very special day.

Ah yes. The 1990’s – back when Roger still had some hair.

For the past couple of months we’ve been sending out special notices to couples on “milestone” anniversaries – 5, 10, 15, 20 years. We’ve been reconnecting with two significant offers for our Family “PRINTography” services.

The hard part is actually finding couples. Facebook helps, but we know we have missed many. And then we got to thinking, why just milestone anniversaries?

So, here’s the deal. If we were your wedding photographer, no matter how long ago, just click the link below for all the details and to get in touch. We’d love to reconnect and create beautiful heirloom family portraits for you.

If you know someone who was one of our many wedding clients, help us out by sharing this with them.

Not still together? Hey, life happens. Our offer still stands for you too!



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