Your Portrait Session

During the current “Covid Crisis”, we aren’t able to do as much “in-person” work with our clients. However, through phone calls and ZOOM calls, we are able to offer almost the same personalized service and attention to details that our clients have come to expect.

We like to think about your portrait session as a three step process


The first step of our process happens when we ‘meet’ to talk about and plan your family portrait session.  Success is in the details!

  • Why are we doing the session?
  • Is it a special occasion?
  • Who is going to be in the portrait?
  • What are the various groupings/set-ups that you would like photographed?
  • Where will we be doing the portrait? What time of day?
  • Where are you wanting to display your portraits?
  • What clothing will be best for everyone to wear for the most visual impact?


This is the really fun part where we do the actual portrait session. Roger treats every session as a bit of a production – he’s the director and you and your family are the cast and ‘stars’. His job is twofold – to bring out the best in everyone and to capture those fleeting special moments on “film” (yes, it’s digital – but we like to think of it as creating a digital negative – there’s still lots of behind the scenes magic that happens to craft your ultimate portrait).

Here’s a short video of a family portrait session.


The last stage of the process (for you) is when we connect to look at and choose those final images.

We use a state-of-the-art projection system here at the studio so that you can easily see your images and compare them side by side. It’s the ideal way to choose the best of each grouping. We can also demonstrate a variety of presentations, combinations, as well as mats and frames that will inspire your decisions.

We use the same system for our ZOOM call selection process. Instead of being projected, you can view the images on your computer desktop, laptop or tablet screen (we don’t recommend using your smartphone as the screen is too small).

One of the most dynamic aspects of our viewing system is that we can demonstrate how your portraits will look on the walls of your own home. When the portrait session is done at your home Roger will take a photograph of your room(s) to incorporate into our projection system for your viewing session. If the session is at a location other than your home, we will give you instructions on how to photograph your room(s) so that capability is ready for your actual viewing session.

Once your decisions are made, then we begin our artistic transformation of the images into stunning portraits that will be treasured for years to come.