Here’s a ‘HOW TO’ create more brilliance in your life!

I loved creating my ‘Lifebook’ so much … I did it TWICE!!
(go the end of the blog for my story of ‘doing it’ twice)

Do you want the best life you can create for yourself? I mean who doesn’t!

Well – have I got something to share with you!!!  I’m flying high right now after finishing my second Lifebook experience.  And I’d love to turn you on to this amazing process too!

Nobody’s life is perfect.  We can all see ways to change.  But change can be scary and off-putting.

However Lifebook turns change into a creative act.   The process is so intriguing and personally oriented that it struck a chord with me.  I got to create my own version of my own best life.  My Lifebook will be my partner in my life.  It can grow and adapt just as I do.

Here are the best parts of the Lifebook approach:

1) Start by taking their FREE and eye opening Intra-spect Assessment.  You’ll get a full report on your Life Quotient score as well as scores in all twelve of your Individual Life Categories.  It was fascinating to see my scores and the explanation for the categories.    Go ahead and click to get started with the Assessment.

2) After that you’ll be invited to take a FREE Master Class with Jon & Missy Butcher, the creators of the Lifebook system.  Their story is fascinating and very personal.  They began teaching the Lifebook process, in person at live events.  However now, they’ve teamed up with “Mindvalley” to make Lifebook available to help more people.  This move has also greatly reduced the cost of learning about Lifebook.

3) In the Master class you’ll learn about the Lifebook course and how easy it is to do with help from Jon and Missy and the Mindvalley team.  You can work at your own pace, on your own schedule.  You have everything to gain by taking the course.  There’s simply no downside to it.

4) In fact you’ll learn about the full refund policy details if you want to get a refund after completing the course.  This is REAL and they remind you of this right after you’ve ‘graduated’.

5) Your Lifebook will be unique to you.  It’s YOUR life so you create YOUR very own Lifebook.  It’s impossible for there to be identical Lifebooks in the world.

“Lifebook helps you help yourself”
Jon Butcher

Jon talks about the fact that it’s important to ‘put your oxygen mask on first’  before you help others.  All the airlines make the same speech on every flight all over the world.  It’s not possible to live a full life with great relationships and experiences if we don’t nurture ourselves first and foremost.

You can Google your heart if you want to check out the Lifebook experience and feedback.  Below is a short and powerful video about the Lifebook experience of the the Mindvalley employees. Take a peek and get a feel for yourself.  



NOW – it’s time to circle back to the beginning of this blog…

I said that I’d done the Lifebook process on TWO occasions.  The first time was three years ago. My husband was the ‘official student’, but I looked over his shoulder and did my own thing on MY Lifebook.  It was a fascinating exercise and truly made me sit up and take notice.  I was very proud of my finished creation.

Fast forward to present day and the Lifebook course crossed my path again.  I realized I hadn’t looked at my Lifebook in a while. (NOTE – they recommend an ongoing viewing and updating of your Lifebook to keep it relevant). Well wasn’t I amazed when I read over some pages from my original Lifebook and discovered that I had indeed accomplished some great changes in my life that I had identified over three years ago.  It was apparent that my subconscious was working away for me, despite my lackadaisical consciousness.

It made me realize that I could refocus myself to my Lifebook. By creatively updating my Lifebook I would change my energies for a more elevated life.  I’m thrilled that I’ve completed it a second time. I highly recommend this process to everyone who wants to create the best life ever,  for themselves and those they love.

NOTE:  I’m promoting the Lifebook experience and process because I believe in it’s potential to help others create their very own version of change in their lives.  I do not receive any kind of remuneration or personal benefit by informing others of the Lifebook process and value, as I see it.

Please comment below if you too are a ‘Lifebooker’.  I’d love to connect with you.  Those of you who decide to take the plunge – let me know and we can connect.  It’s a gas talking to other ‘Lifebookers’ to share insight, questions and notes.

And by all means share this blog with anyone you know that would be interested in using their own brilliance to create changes in their life.


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