Graphic Design for Online & Offline Purposes

Graphic design has been a natural offshoot of our photography business for years.

Business folks love the ‘one stop – get it done’ approach that we can offer. We have worked hand in hand with printers for years, should you need ‘hard copy’, not just online materials.


We are able to take your idea/product and design from the ‘concept’ stage all the way through to either an online presentation or offline printed materials. Our years of teamwork in the photographic, printing, artistic and tech community means that we ‘speak’ the necessary language to work with any individuals who are part of your communication strategy.


Our portfolio includes work for: Tackaberry Construction, Balderson Cheese, Kilmarnock Enterprise, Arnprior Aerospace, Lanman & Kemp, Smiths Falls Community Theatre, New Global Vitamins and Career Publishers to name just a few.

Here’s a few sample projects:

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