Is Your iPhone All You Need For Your Next Vacation?

I was photographing a family portrait session on the weekend. Great family. BIG family dog too! I’ve been photographing them since their kids were babies. Those babies are now all grown up and traveling the world getting their education.

At the end of the session Dad asked if he could “pick my brain”. With him being a doctor, I kinda wondered where that might lead LOL.

Turns out they’re heading for Europe for a vacation and he was curious about whether he needed to schlep around a “real” camera or would his iPhone 10 do the job.

Like most photography questions, the answer is – DEPENDS!

The biggest “depends” is – depends on what your planning to do with the photos. If you are just going to look at them on your phone or create an on-line Facebook album, then your iPhone will do the job just fine.

But, if you’re planning on making your favourites into large printed posters to hang on your office or living room walls, then you might be disappointed with the resolution and clarity of the printed images.

Resolution and printing takes a bit of math. If you’re interested in more detail, CLICK HERE for an article on How Big A Print You Can Make from Your Phone.

I can tell you from personal experience that packing a bunch of DSLR gear is probably not worth it unless you are an avid photographer who loves to open every image in Photoshop and muck around with pixels. A few years ago we went to Italy and Paris. Before going I bought my wife a small Panasonic Point and Shoot digital camera with a 12x OPTICAL ZOOM lens with two 32 Megabyte cards. OPTICAL ZOOM is important. Yes you can “zoom in” on your smartphone by pinching with your fingers on the screen, but that’s done digitally and it’s just not the same quality.

After traveling around Italy for a week, by the time we got to Paris, I was leaving all of my DSLR gear behind, while we shot almost everything with her smaller and lighter camera.


The images are great and we have printed several as 30 inch prints. And we are PICKY about quality. This is one of our favs and we have it hanging on our wall at home.

Rather than go into too much detail here, I’ve posted a couple of links to great articles on the pros and cons of traveling light with just your phone vs the added weight and bulk of higher resolution cameras.

Why the iPhone Xs is the Only Camera You Need on Your Next Vacation CLICK HERE

Do You Need More Than A Smartphone Camera When Traveling? CLICK HERE


Got any experience or thoughts on this? Leave a comment below.


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