Why am I standing in my kitchen, stark naked????

Hard to believe that my husband and I are standing stark naked in our kitchen.  We look like grooming chimps searching each other’s bodies for insects.   AND –  that’s exactly what we’re doing!!!!

WHY?  you might ask. We were checking each other out for dreaded ticks!!!!  We’d spent the afternoon in our garden area and this is now the recommended drill when you come indoors.

Who ever thought that taking a walk in the woods (or even just gardening or lounging on our own property) could be a health hazard?   But now it’s a concern for people and pets.

Ticks are now a major concern.  Lyme disease is an unfortunate reality.  It’s making us rather paranoid about being out in nature.  AND that’s a shame.  However, we have to learn how to protect ourselves and hopefully prevent being bitten.

I found a Canadian Government website and discovered that current data on reported Lyme diseases cases in all provinces. The numbers rose from 144 cases in 2009 to 2025 cases in 2017.   That’s a huge increase and with global warming ticks are no longer just a seasonal concern.

Here’s the Canadian website where you can find a lot of helpful information on this topic:

This all hit home for me a few days ago.  A good friend of mine texted to say that she was in Emergency at the local hospital after she found a tick on her scalp.  She’s a nature lover and likes to hike with her son.  I assumed they had been out in the woods.  NOPE – they were playing badminton on the back lawn of their house.

At the hospital she showed them the tick that she had removed from her scalp. They identified it as the Sasha black legged tick. It apparently has a 50% risk of carrying Lyme disease, so she was immediately given antibiotics.  They gave her a list of symptoms to be on the look out for.  If any occur – she is to see a doctor immediately.

We all need to learn the facts about prevention, treatment and follow up for dealing with ticks and the potential for Lyme disease.  I did find a good resource from Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Prevention Center.  There’s a wealth of info on this website – so check it out for yourself.

I know from speaking to folks who have suffered from Lyme disease that it’s a not easy to remedy.  Information is also changing very quickly about everything from tick removal to medications.  We all need to be proactive on this front and learn from reliable resources and others who have dealt with this issue.

Let’s start by sharing any stories or examples that we know about.  Alternatively you might know about a friend’s situation. Share what you can in the comment section below.  And make sure that you’re proactive with medical care should you ever have to seek it for ticks and/or a Lyme disease diagnosis.

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