Horses introduced me to some amazing people!!

Horses have been such a wonderful way to meet amazing people.

At riding stables like the one that’s my second home,  there’s a clientele ranging from children to seniors.  Most of them are female, but the males who ride are cool guys too.


Quite a few years ago I met the most engaging mother and daughter duo.  As I came to know them better I found them to be charming, clever, creative and wonderfully crazy.  Judith is the ‘Mum’ and the daughter is Natasha.



Judith is a talented Master Gardener and artist as well.  She and Natasha have launched a small business called Lapisdragon Arts.  Judith’s unique watercolour artwork is beautifully rendered on silk scarves as well as Watercolour Art Prints and Art Greeting Cards.

The photo at the beginning of this blog showcases some of their greeting card designs.  Judith’s love of flowers and plants is radiated through her painting.

They’ll also have large Art Print versions that you may frame and use in your home and office decor. Below are couple of larger photos so you can see the beautiful detail in her cards.



Judith and Nat are hosting an open house on Sat, July 27 and Sun July 28 to view the artwork. You’ll be lucky enough to see Judith’s gardens as well!  They live just outside of Stittsville.   I plan to be there – so maybe I’ll see you there. You can find all the details on the following links.

If you’re on Facebook – simply go to this link to learn more. Look under “events” to find open house details:

If you’re NOT ON Facebook – here’s their email – they’ll send you all the details:

If you’d like to just get to the online shopping – here are some links to connect you with Judith and Natasha:

Click here to get directly to the Lapisdragon website

Click here to go directly to their Etsy store front


I love these two women to death.  So I asked them for little ‘bios’ so you could get to know them too. Here’s what Natasha sent.  I’ve copied and pasted it so you can sense the humour and kind spirits of these two.  Enjoy!

“My mum learned just about everything she knows about the garden from her mum, my grandma. When she passed away a few years ago mum decided to continue learning and growing as a Master Gardener, so she studied hard and took the exam and passed!
She has found that one of her greatest enjoyments are her garden talks, giving presentations on a multitude of subjects from night gardens to fairy gardens, historical gardens and everything in between. I know she wants to continue this specific pursuit and is actively looking to connect with more venues.
Her love of gardens runs so deep every single piece of her art is a reflection of that. She captures the essence of the flower, sharing that with the viewer and teaching them through her art!”
“As for me? I get bored easily so I like to do lots of different things! I’m a forensic archaeologist, travelling and volunteering on digs (if I have the money), a forensic scientist and affiliate of the Nova Scotia Medical Examiner Service. I  develop research on scent profiles of human remains for training scent detector dogs. I am also a research analyst, having moved back from Nova Scotia to attempt to pursue contracts with the federal government here in Ottawa.
I have combination honours BA in Near Eastern Archaeology and Anthropology and an MSc. in Applied Science… Oh and I ride horses! And sew plushies… and draw bones? I’m also an active advocate and supporter of LGBTQA+ rights, especially within the Asexual community!”


Hope I see you at Judith and Natasha’s open house.  Would love to hear your comments on Judith’s artistic offerings.   What were your favourite flower paintings?   Share your feelings and thoughts in the comment section below.
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