What happens if you drink a gallon of water a day?

Holy crap, a gallon of water a day??????   Seriously!!

I came across a very funny and revealing blog about a woman’s month long ‘Hydration Quest’.  I was intrigued cause I have a skeptical husband who is somewhat of a ‘dried prune’ kind of guy.  I’m not perfect but I drink a decent daily amount of water (definitely more so in the hot summer weather).

A writer named Aleta Burchyski became a 30 day guinea pig for super hydration with water.  She was a skeptic and really disliked the taste of water.  (Strange how many folks say that)

It’s a short and revealing read.  She definitely changed her tune over the 30 day process.   In her own words she went from:

Day 1: I’m peeing every 15 minutes. How in the hell am I supposed to get anything done?
Day 32: Oops, the month is over and I didn’t even notice—hydration is routine, and I’m loving it. Am I going to keep guzzling 128 ounces every day? Not unless I’m sweating buckets. But you better believe I’ll keep sipping on glorious, ultrapurified water like my well-being depends on it.


It’s a short, entertaining and enlightening read.  You can click right here or on her photo to check it out for yourself.



There was a super interesting quote at the end of the blog.  Nicole Lund, a nutritionist at New York University’s Langone Sports Performance Center was interviewed and wrapped up the article by saying?

“We all wake up slightly dehydrated.
The easiest change you can make is
to have a big glass of water first thing in the morning.”

So on that note, I’m headed to the kitchen for another big glass of water.  Stay hydrated, especially during the hot summer months and when you’re exercising.

Got any tips/advice to make drinking water an easier thing to do regularly?   Do you like your water cold, room temperature, flavoured or straight up.  I used to love mine with some Single Malt Scotch.  But I had to drink way too much Scotch to get the water hydration I needed.  Share your comments and reactions below.

OOPS – here’s a bit more propaganda for drinking water……………


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