Do YOU still sleep like a baby???

Did you ‘sleep like a baby’ – when you were a baby?

Ap-PARENT-ly I didn’t for the first three months of my life. My Mum and Dad reported that baby colic means no sleep for them.   I guess I did the ‘sleep like a baby’ thing in between the screaming.

Up until two years ago, I slept like a log.  Then, I had a terrible time sleeping for about three months.  It was debilitating and disheartening.  Luckily for me – I got it all resolved. BUT on occasion, sleep issues flair.

Nowadays, everyone seems to suffer from sleep issues, to some degree.  It affects all ages – not just adults.

Lately I’ve been waking up with a sore neck.  I had no idea why it was happening. Thank goodness, I chanced upon an great article with some great sleep solutions.  The one for a sore neck is terrific.  I’m thrilled to report it WORKS!  AND, it was simple and cost me nothing!!

So you can click right here or on the graphic below.  Scroll through the photos and tips for your issue.  You could be pleasantly surprised.  Maybe you can help a friend too.

I can also recommend the solution for heartburn. I learned that a while ago.  In fact you can check out my earlier blog on this for more info.
Please share your tips below for great sleeps.  Let’s help each other.  If you try one of these and it works – please comment too.  Be a good friend and share this article with someone who needs it. Just click the best connect button below.



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