Who Knew That Companies Have an IQ!

Video is more and more prevalent wherever you go on the web these days. Video production has ramped up at the studio as well.

One of our latest videos has a bit of a story behind it.

I was called by a gentleman “out of the blue” asking if I could re-edit a couple of videos for a food company. They were too long and they needed them cut down for an upcoming presentation. We accomplished that job and met the tight deadline for him.

A couple of weeks later he called again and since we did such a great job last time, could we produce another video for one of his other business concerns. And, by the way, the deadline is tomorrow evening! Yikes.

He had the script and the announcer voice track to me by noon and I set to work. We searched our stock photo and video sources for appropriate material, created the intro and extro with the company logo and then edited everything together. It was completed on time and was shown the next day to potential investors.

Here’s the finished video promoting the company’s “Corporate IQ” services.



The interesting part to us was that he didn’t realize that part of our studio mix of business media services is video production. So here’s a little bit of self-promotion.

We are both Radio & Television Arts grads from Ryerson University. That’s where we met and we have been together ever since. We learned how to produce video using huge studio cameras and 16mm film cameras. The hardware was vastly different to today’s digital equipment, but the art of visual story-telling is still the same. That’s where our years of business experience coupled with our technical and artistic skills comes into play.

If you are in business and want to remain competitive, you need to use video in your marketing.

Click here for more on the value of video in today’s marketplace and to see more of our sample videos.

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