My Christmas curation of favourite songs – just for you!!!

Christmas music is THE best part of Christmas fun. I like it loud and bouncy when I’m decorating the house.  It blasts away in my Mini Cooper (she’s wearing the reindeer antlers and red nose too).   And Christmas morning my playlist starts and goes all day.

I’ve taken the time to give you a sampling of  a few of my top of the list favourites.  Scroll through to get to my ABSOLUTE favourite at the end of the list.   For each of my choices you’ll see a video link (the best ones I could find).  ENJOY!!

My Christmas music fetish can drive my husband a little nuts, until he hears Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers singing ‘A Christmas to Remember’.  AND he isn’t that fond of country music!   This is an oldie but a goodie in our home.


We’re also both fans of Michael Bublé.  His Christmas specials of the past were out of this world.  We’re hoping they will return now that his young son’s cancer has gone into remission.   His entire album cslled “Christmas” is one of our favourites. Here’s a short medley from that Christmas album.


James Taylor has been a favourite artist for years.  He finally did a Christmas album a number of years ago and I bought it immediately.  It’s simply called  ‘James Taylor at Christmas’ and you can listen to one of these songs by clicking here or on the image below.


In a more traditional and classical mode,  I offer James Galway’s ‘Christmas Carol’ album.  The whole album is terrific, but the “I Saw Three Ships” is one of the most joyful pieces of music I’ve ever heard.   Simply click here or on the image below to take a listen.  (Note – this isn’t an actual video of James playing – it’s just the album cover for the complete audio portion).  However, if you like the piece, you’ll know what you’re looking for, whether in real life or online.


In my youth I wasn’t a Joni Mitchell fan.  What can I say – a bit of a ludite in advanced music styles.  So it wasn’t until the Ally McBeal Christmas show when I heard Robert Downey sing ‘River’.  OMG – I was so in love with that song and still am.  I have several versions of it in my music collection.  However, Robert’s is still my #1 version.  So click here or on the image below to hear him sing it – beautifully!!!


Hate to be repetitive, but the Micheal Bublé and Barbra Streisand’s duo of  “It Had To Be You” simply can’t be overlooked.  It was done for one of his Christmas specials and though not technically a ‘christmas song’, it sure worked for that show.  So here it is – two masters doing a wonderful rendition of this piece of music.


DRUM ROLL – here it IS!!   My favouritist piece of Christmas music.   It’s not new, and I discovered about eight years ago.  It’s been around since 1988, written and sung by Chris Rea.  Here are the details straight from Wikipedia:  “Driving Home for Christmas” is a popular Christmas single written and composed by Chris Rea and released in 1988.[1] The song peaked at #53 in the UK Single Chart in 1988, and re-entered the chart in 2007, peaking at #33. It reached a new peak of #14 in 2017.[1] Although it had modest charting, the single has a brief chart appearance every year in the Top 40,[2] and is featured among the Top 10 Christmas singles.

So click right here to listen to this top notch song (or on the image below) and also see the official video created in 2009.  It’s totally funky, fun and makes me smile and dance every time I hear it.


Hopefully you found a few songs among my favs that appeal to your Christmas style.  I’d love to hear what your top of the pile songs are for the Christams/Holiday season.   Leave your comment and thoughts below.  I could curate a whole new list of holiday favourites for next year.




MERRY, MERRY holiday season

Keep smiling, singing and dancing.




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2 Responses

  1. Oh, how I loved listening to your favorite Christmas songs! Didn’t know Robert Downey Jr. could sing so well! Driving home for Christmas reminded me of all the times I would drive to go be with my family in Quebec and it did bring tears to my eyes as those were the good times when my parents were still alive and we were so happy to all be together. Thank you Lianne for taking the time to do this. And, Barbra Streisand is still the best!

    1. Jocelyne – so glad you enjoyed my choices. Right after I wrote this blog, I went to my riding stable for my weekly lesson. The ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ song was playing. So guess who was dancing in the aisles as I was getting everything set up to prepare my horse for the lesson. My dancing toes just wouldn’t stop until the song was over.

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