A Couple More Bookworms Needed

In our last newsletter, we sent out a request for “bookworm models”. In case you missed it, here’s part of what we said…

“So we’ve been working on an intriguing new portrait session style that captures the thrill of reading. Remember how reading as a child could transport you to other worlds full of fun, fantasy and magic.

We want to introduce this new style in the new year, but to do this, we need a couple of models.

We’re looking for both a girl and a boy in the age range of 5 to teen who love to read. The portrait session will be in the studio and we will need permission to use the portraits in our advertising and promotion.”

We have two models at the “young” end of the age range. What we’d love to have are two more “older models” – early teens would be perfect. The icing on the cake would be if they were Harry Potter fans. The Harry Potter part is not a necessity. But someone who LOVES to read is what we are looking for.

If you’ve got a young person who would fill the bill, give us a call at 613-283-2237 or send us an email. We’ll be scheduling the photo sessions early in the new year.

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