Who Needs a DSLR Camera Since iPhone Cameras Are So Good?

You’ve seen the ads for the new iPhoneX or the Google Pixel 2 (or any other “next generation” smartphone). They take great photos and the ads would leave you to believe that the days of the DSLR are over. But not so fast!

The photo files generated by these smartphones look great when viewed on your smartphone screen or even on your tablet. But when it comes to printing, they leave a lot to be desired.

Printing beautiful images is the essence of what we do for our clients .

Below are two pictures that make it clear why the DSLR beats a smartphone when it comes to image quality.

It’s all in the glass

Here’s a cutaway of a modern lens for a DSLR camera. This is an interchangeable lens (each piece of glass improves the quality of the image) costing around $3000 USD

The ENTIRE smartphone camera

Here is a photo of a smartphone camera lens assembly costing around $5 USD (the entire camera module costs less than $35 USD).

There’s other factors like sensor size and in-camera processing that impact image quality but this lens example is pretty selfie-evident (LOL).

Which one takes better pictures? You be the judge.

Why it matters to us

Actually neither the DSLR nor the Smartphone takes better pictures. The thing is, it’s the photographer who takes the picture. Without the photographer deciding what to take and when to take it, there is no picture. All the camera does is record the image.

So for the most part, the smartphone wins for day to day snapshots: the selfies or the cute “dog wearing a hat” photos you see every day on social media. Your smartphone’s always with you, easy to use and does an OK job.



But when it comes to our clients, they deserve the best we can offer them.  Our admittedly bulkier, heavier and harder to use DLSR cameras may be intimidating to you.  But they are perfect for our professional role.  Our client want us to create lasting, heirloom images that boost their spirits every day.  Whether they choose portraits to hang on the wall (like the wall folio above)  or display in albums (like the album below), – we’re here to create that magic for them.

Nothing but the best for you, our valued clients!

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