Love your pets? – then you’ll love this idea…

My Mum was cruising around that Facebook thing the other day and all of a sudden she shouted “What a good idea!”

I figured maybe dog treats were starting to pop out of that darned computer of hers.  So I got excited too.

No such luck on the treat front.  But it was about me – so no wonder she was excited.  Next she showed me the screen and I too agreed it was a good idea.


Here it is.   What do you think?  My Mum can keep a card like this in her wallet, next to her driver’s licence..  Then if anything happens to her – folks will know where to find me and rescue me.  My kitty sisters would appreciate that help too.

Hopefully those same folks will make sure I get to see my Mum too!!


Next thing I knew she was on the website and found more information there.  So the two of us decided to share this with you. Turns out you can buy a set with 2 cards and 2 key fob tags  OR buy them individually.  Prices are great too.

Simply Click HERE or else on the little photo below.  You can save money by ordering quantities – great gifts for all your favourite folks and furries!!

Let us know what you think of this idea.  Some of you DIY folks might decide to make your own versions.  But I must say that for the cost of these, it’s worth ordering them – we read that their delivery service is fast!  Then you’ll have more time to walk and pat your fav furry!!

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