Watch Canada’s largest mural happen before your eyes!

Where can you find the largest mural in all of Canada?

As of last week, that would be Sudbury, Ontario.

A well-known street artist called RISK was commissioned to do the work.  He turned the facade of the former St. Joseph’s Health Centre, (formerly the Sudbury General Hospital) into a stunning, vibrant riot of colours.

It took twelve days, 700 gallons of paint and hundreds spray paint cans to create the 80,000 square foot building mural. 



Go ahead and click right here to read more in a CBC News article about the project.

If you’d like a real feast for your eyes, click on the link below to see a terrific time lapse video of this building being transformed. It’s a stunning visual story as well as a feel good story with a happy ending.

How do you feel about this mural?  Do you like it?  Would you appreciate it as a piece of art and welcome addition to the city? Share your thoughts below.  Share this post with others and let’s all contribute our thoughts.   Is there a wall mural that you have seen and loved (or hated)?

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