20 years of a growing family – captured in portraits

We got an email a few weeks ago about a family portrait session. That’s not unusual. We do lots of family portraits.

What made this one stand out? This would be the fifth one, spanning back 20 years!

The Blais family have had a portrait session every 5 years with us for the past 20 years. Mom and Dad, their 4 daughters and their spouses plus an expanding number of grandchildren and now great-grandchildren have been added over the years.

These sessions are always fun. The first couple of sessions were here at the studio in our portrait park. The next two were on location at the family farm. Over the past 5 year gap, Mom and Dad sold the farm, so this year we were at one of the daughter’s farm.

Mom always has the current 30 x 40 inch wall portrait hanging over the fireplace.

Everyone in the family agrees how important these portraits have become in chronicling the changes in the family. Kids being added, kids growing up and grandchildren arriving. The only thing the adults don’t like is they are all getting older too. But a little retouching on our part softens that blow.

While Roger was arranging people and shooting groupings, Lianne stood back and recorded a bit of video of the “behind the scenes” at the photo shoot. Take a look below.



Our “PRINTOGRAPHY” style of portraiture creates lasting heirloom keepsakes for years of enjoyment.

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