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Game Changer for Greeting Card Industry



SendOutCards has always been the premier service for keeping in touch with family and friends. Businesses especially love to use it to develop customer loyalty with their “family of clients”.

BUT NOW – SendOutCards has made a big SPLASH with the new Custom Branding on the back of their cards.  You can do this one card at a time as well as for large quantities for big mailings. This is a game changer in the greeting card industry.  This feature is a SendOutCards exclusive!!

Take a look at some sample backs in the graphic below. PSSSST – look closely you’ll see two of the backs that we created for ourselves.


As you can see, you can take up the entire back of the card with a photo or artwork and add your message, offer, slogan, address or whatever you want to the card back.

Best of all, the price of the card remains the same (as little as 93¢ US, printed, checked, stuffed and mailed for you – note postage is extra) !

There’s a setup fee to supply SendOutCards customers with the software to do this, but once that is done – your imagination can run wild with the possibilities.

If you already have a SendOutCards account, you can just add this. If you haven’t tried SendOutCards yet, this is a great time to get on board using one of the best Relationship Marketing tools there is to keep in touch with your customers, or your family and friends too.

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