Power UP with a Power NAP

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Remember the phrase ‘you snooze – you lose’. Well it turns out that nothing could be further from the truth.

We’ve all heard the helpful advice of another cup of coffee, or energy drink or a big sugary donut to give us a quick lift. Well that’s really bad advice. The truth is that ‘power naps’ will ‘power you up’ by boosting your memory, cognitive skills, creativity, and energy levels.

SERIOUSLY –  I came across a great article on a website where I was doing some research for a totally different topic. At the time I was feeling ‘groggy’ and really wanted to stop working, but this article caught my attention. Only took a few minutes to read – but was jam-packed with some great info.

So glad I read it!  I took the advice and did a 15 min power nap using the tips from the article.  I set my alarm for 15 min, so I wouldn’t overdo the nap.  I woke up feeling so much better, did a couple of lovely stretches on the bed before I got up and  WOW – I was good to go for another 7 hours with tons of ‘GET UP AND GO’.

So here’s the link.  ONLY took three minutes to read the article.  Give it a try – see what happens for YOU.

Click right here or on the image below to read the article.

Join the Arranel Studios “Power Nappers Rule The World” Club by leaving a comment below. If we all offer  more tips we can create the perfect power nap for each other.  Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Power Napper


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