Such sadness at our studio

We consider ourselves friendly folks

but the biggest and friendliest welcome at our door is “off duty” now.

Morgan, our beloved dog and official mascot of Arranel Studios passed two weeks ago. Health issues flared suddenly about six weeks earlier.  The first couple of weeks were difficult as a diagnosis was elusive.  However we finally got things under control and his quality of life improved dramatically.  We were confident that recovery and a good life was still a reality for him and us.  However, just as suddenly symptoms returned and blood tests revealed a situation that could not be resolved.  We made the difficult decision and our veterinarian came to the house as we said our good-byes.

As all pet owners know, this cycle is inevitable.  It’s heart wrenching and yet we will repeat.  Why?? some might ask.  Because the joy that they bring to our lives and the lives of others is worth the pain of parting.

Over the 13 years that Morgan was with us, I posted fun photos of him on Facebook.  Given that he was such a handsome guy, folks responded to them a lot.  So I had been posting about his illness and the recovery he was making.  Needless to say I needed to update the story with his passing.

The post that you see here is what I wrote.  We were blown away with the number of responses.  As you can see 219 people wrote kind comments and 185 other folks responded with a ‘like’, ‘heart’ or ‘teary face’ emoticon.   Unbelievable – or so we thought.  But then I was speaking to a barista from our favourite coffee house where we often hung out with Morgan on their patio.  He would reel in the fans and become the center of attention with his unique personality.

When I told her I couldn’t believe the response level, she cocked her head to one side and said emphatically “Lianne – Morgan was a community dog”.  I teared up and smiled.  He was and will be remembered by many, many people for quite a while.  I hugged her for her loving insight and response.

To end this blog on a more upbeat note, I’d like to share a video of an album that we created with Morgan and me in 2014.  He was eight years old at the time.  I knew what a treasure it was from the day I placed it on my coffee table.  NOW – it is something that is priceless to me.  I can hold it close to my heart, gaze at the images and feel the wonder of our bond, FOREVER!

Click on the image below and you can enjoy a short video of ‘Morgan and Me’.

Earlier this year I wrote a blog about coping with a pet’s death.   Several of my friends had lost pets and I felt a need to offer some support to them.  I went to read it again this week, for my own support.  I laughed and I cried at the video I shared in it.  You can check it out here.  If you know someone who would find it comforting – please share it with them.

Please share your comments below about your own pets or those of family members.  Any stories that you feel comfortable sharing would be so appreciated.


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