Are Words like Music To Your Ears?

I’m a book reader NOT a book listener. Or so I thought!!

I’ve been a keen reader ever since I was a child.  Not my fault – my mother told me that ‘books are your friends’.  I totally believed her, even when she said ‘put that book down and go out and play with your friends’.   Adults can be so confusing!!

In the last two years I’ve spent about 400 hours reading while I’m driving.   Actually I’m lying!  I’ve been listening to books while I’m driving.   I drive alone, a minimum of 4 hours a week.  That time is now HEAVEN for me – all due to audiobooks.

All the audiobooks that I’ve ‘read’ have been purchased online.

My favourite source is the Audible website.  But audiobooks are also available at public libraries.

I download the books to iTunes and put them on my trusty original iPod. I connect it to my car’s sound system and away I go.

Audible also has an App. You can download to your phone and play it through your vehicle’s system

Of course you can also be low tech and simply plug in a set of headphones to your device and sit on your deck or fav sofa and soak up the wonderful experience of listening to a great book.

Mornings that I wake up knowing that I’ll be on the road, a big smile crosses my face.  Yeah – I get to listen to the next installment of my latest and greatest book.  WOO HOO!    The time flies and I find it difficult to stop listening.   BUT – I know it’s waiting for me when I get back in the car.  Great feeling!

The narrators of the books that I’ve chosen have all been fabulous.  It truly adds another dimension to a book to hear it presented by a professional speaker.  None of them ‘just read it’.  The magic of the audiobook format is in using your ears to build on the story.

I’ll readily admit that if I’m going to sit down and ‘read’,  I still prefer to actually use a real live book (OK sometimes it’s an ebook).  I usually have at least two books on the go at the same time.  Audio and hardcopy is the mix.  It works just fine.  I find that driving time now feels like a ‘wonderful escape’ instead of wasted time. It’s a true VALUE add-on to my life.

Here are a few recommendations for a variety of my fav audiobooks:
(By the way, if you click on any book link below and want to have it – you will qualify for a free trial membership for Audible, unless you are already a member.  This is my gift to you and I will receive a small remuneration for any future purchases you make)

Historical Fiction:  Eleanor of Aquitaine Trilogy written by Elizabeth Chadwick.  The titles include – The Summer Queen, The Winter Crown and The Autumn Throne.   Rating – 5 stars

Autobiography:  Not My Father’s Son written and narrated by Alan Cumming.  Rating – 5 stars

Autobiography – Boys In The Trees written and narrated by Carly Simon.  Stunning presentation with her music incorporated into the audio production.  Rating – 5 stars

Autobiography – I Am Brian Wilson – written by Brian Wilson and narrated by Fred Berman (who I truly believed was Brian Wilson’s voice).   Rating – 5 stars

Fiction – The Little Paris Bookshopwritten by Nina George, narrated by three performers.  Absolutely a delightful read/listen – Rating – 5 stars

History/Military – The Perfect Horse – written by Elizabeth Letts, narrated by Paul Boemer.  Totally compelling read about WWII.  Rating – 5 stars

Fiction – Beautiful Ruins written by Jess Walters, narrated by Edoardo Ballerini.   WOW – quite the contemporary tale.  Compelling time shift aspects.   Rating – 5 stars

Memoir – Love Warrior – written and narrated by Glennon Doyle.   A 2016 Oprah Book Club Selection  Mind blowing story of a dynamic woman’s transformation.   Rating – 5 stars

I hope one of my suggestions strikes a chord for you.  If not – there are thousands of choices for you.

I’d love to hear about your audiobook experience.  What are your favourite titles?  Please share your feedback with us in the comments section below.

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