I just learned the ‘SLICKEST’ tip ever!!

Ever had a ring that’s too tight?   Either it won’t go on.  OR….  It won’t come off!!

That’s been happening with my family signet ring.   It’s always more of a problem in the summer.  A couple of times the ring was on my finger so tight that no amount of soap and water seemed to help.  I finally resorted to some vaseline – but that made a mess of the ring.  Not to mention how red and swollen my poor pinkie was after all the pulling.

But in the last year I haven’t been able to wear the ring at all!!  Even in the winter months it’s still a struggle.

So I went to my local jewelry store to have it resized.  The wonderful woman behind the counter shared the best tip ever with me.

As I was trying out the various ring sizing options, she asked me a strange question. “Do you use Windex”?  I was totally confused.  Was she doing some kind of consumer survey?

She reached under the counter and pulled out a bottle of spray window cleaner and a cloth.  I get that’s what they’d use to keep the glass counters clean. But how in god’s name did that relate to resizing a ring?????

Next she reached for my hand and slid the cloth underneath.   Then she spritzed my ring pinkie!   Talk about SLICK!!  It was amazing how easily that ring sizer slipped on my finger.  She said she always keeps a small spray bottle filled with window cleaner beside her bathroom sink. (Guess it comes in handy for the mirror too)

Pass this blog along to anyone you know who wears rings.  It’s so simple and so effective.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Got any other jewelry tips to share?  That’s what the comments section below is all about.

BTW – the photograph at the top of this blog came from a website called Nodeform.  Here’s their website link that has lots of very cool info about jewelry and its care.

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