The Dreaded “OMG – My Photos are Gone”

Ever had the experience of your smartphone dying – along with 4 years of all of your photos?

Do you carefully backup all of your photos to your computer – only to have the hard drive crash – bye, bye family history!

With literally millions of photos being snapped every day, it begs the question – what’s the best way to store my precious photos – FOREVER!

When researching this post, I came across a great article by Jack Schofield from “The Guardian”. I’ve put a link to the full article at the bottom of this post.

For those of you with a short attention span, here’s the main points.

1. To be really safe, you should have more than one copy of each photo, stored in more than one way in more than one place.

2. Operating systems, software and file formats also keep changing, so being able to see a file doesn’t mean you can load it. Making digital documents last forever therefore involves two processes. First, you have to keep moving the data to new storage systems before the old one fails or becomes unreadable. Second, you may have to keep converting documents to whichever file format becomes dominant before the old one is abandoned.

3. DISK DRIVES – The one thing we know about hard drives is that most of them fail sooner rather than later. Because a hard drive can fail at any time, it’s not enough to store your photos on a single drive. Two hard drives is a usable minimum.

4. OPTICAL DRIVES – Because of the risks to hard drives, it’s a good idea to keep backups on removable storage media as well. The current options include CD-R, DVD and Blu-ray optical discs. With optical drives, you should use high-quality discs and store them in a cool, dark and dry place.

5. IN THE CLOUD – Storing photos “in the cloud” – basically, on someone else’s collection of hard drives – solves all the problems of using local hard drives and of transferring data to new physical media. But it is important to remember that data in the cloud is not safe and not under your control.

CLICK HERE to read the full article. If you’re serious about preserving your photos for posterity, it’s worth the read.

If this all sounds overwhelming to you – that’s because it is. From the casual photo snapper with a smartphone to seasoned professionals, we all face the same dilemma of keeping our treasured images safe. I’d love to tell you that I have the best, easy and cheapest solution. But alas I don’t.

One of the best ways to preserve your most cherished images is to print them. They are readily accessible and if stored properly (away from excessive temperature extremes, moisture and bright direct sunlight) they will give you lasting enjoyment.

As PRINTOGRAPHERS, we take great pride in printing portrait images for our clients. Sure, digital files are fun for sharing on social media, but a beautifully printed portrait hanging on a wall or displayed on a dresser can be enjoyed and appreciated at a glance, each and every day.

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