Simple Ways to Brighten Your Day

Carpe diem in the sand


One of my father’s favourite quotes was ‘Carpe diem’– which means seize the day.  I loved the sound of it being said, long before I understood what it meant.

Now I get it.  Rather than letting the day take you for a ride – you should set the course for the day and make it happen!

We can all benefit from some simple tips that will help us on a daily basis.  Some days we need it more than others.  Click here for an article called ‘Simple Ways to Brighten Your Day’. It’s a great little piece with some cool links imbedded in it to inspire yourself to get the most out of every day.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Let’s all put our heads together and share any tips we have for creating ‘the best day ever’.  Please leave your insights and ideas in the comment section below. Overwhelm the comment box with ideas and if I get enough responses, I’ll put together an inspirational e-book that I will share with all of you.


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