Are Your Photos Scattered All Over Your Computer?

In the “olden days” people kept their photos and negatives (those are the orangey-coloured things with holes along the side that were used to make the photos) in shoeboxes or in drawers.

Unless the house burned down or was flooded or hit by a tornado, they were safe and could be easily found at a moments notice.


Now, we have our digital photos and videos scattered in various folders buried somewhere in the depths of our computer hard drives.

Our entire family histories are “stored”. But can we find them?

Unless you are meticulous with your filing, odds are you can’t. You know they are there somewhere, but…

Hard Drives CRASH

Yes. That’s a grim reality. According to one source, 140,000 hard drives fail EVERY WEEK in the US alone.

And where are our precious memories stored? Yep, on those hard drives. If you’ve ever had one fail, you know the sick feeling it leaves you with, when you realize that all of your photos of your kids growing up are….just GONE!

But of course you can simply turn to your BACKUP that you faithfully maintain at least weekly. RIGHT? Probably not. Most people don’t ever (or seldom) backup their computers and smartphones.

Photostick to the rescue

We came across the Photostick solution recently. They have made storage of all of your digital photos and videos easy and convenient. All you do is plug it in to a USB port on your Mac or PC and click the GO button. The software searches all of your folders for photos and videos and copies them to the Photostick. It also finds duplicate files that are cluttering up your computer and hogging valuable storage space. When it’s done its initial scan, you just eject it and you have all of your digital memories safely stored.

If you save more photos to your computer, just plug it in and hit GO. It finds all the new ones since the last time and adds those to the stick.

Here’s the link to where you can get the Photostick (we have no affiliation and make nothing from this). There is currently a discount too!

Could you DIY this cheaper? Sure. But this is designed for the average person who wants their photos kept safe and in one place. With this method you don’t need to know anything about files and folders.

What mishaps have you had with your digital photos?  Bet you have a story to tell about this important subject. Share the experience in the comments below.


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