Can ‘Love Hacks’ spice up my marriage/relationship?

Have you found the quick and easy road to marital/relationship bliss?

I haven’t but I’d love to know the ‘SECRET’. Is there one??

God knows, I’ve looked for great marriage insights in books, videos, articles, courses, and interviews.  I curate my sources so they’ve all been valuable.  Yet putting it together in a ‘love plan’ (translate – ‘plan of attack’), is daunting.

I heard a CBC interview with Eli Finkel. He’s a professor of social psychology at Northwestern University. He’s also the author of  “The All-or-Nothing Marriage”.  He uses a brilliant video called “The 3 Minute History of Marriage in America” to set the stage for his ideas in presentations.

Here it is – ONLY 3 minutes long, so click now and then come back for more…..

SOOOOOO – the good news is that we can have (or create) the best marriages/relatioships ever.  A marriage that our grandparents and parents could never imagine.

To give you a peek into Eli’s book and ideas – I’m sharing a couple of links.  Google your heart out if you’re hooked and want more info – there’s a lot out there.

The link below is for the CBC interview (audio attached and printed interview too), where I learned about Eli Finkel’s book.  There’s a short summary of the “LOVE HACKS” to help remedy a marriage/relationship. It’s also loaded with other links too – if you want to head down the rabbit hole:

CLICK HERE to hear Eli’s “love hacks” and CBC interview

If you want more of the ‘hard science” experiments that led to Eli’s ideas and books, you’ll want to click on the link below:

CLICK HERE – for video presentation by Eli Finkel with interesting facts (Note – the 3 Minute History of Marriage video is part of this, so zip ahead if you want)

I have “The All-or-Nothing Marriage” on my wish list.  I haven’t read it yet – but will.  If you have – please share your review in the comments below.  Also, please share any marriage/relationship magic that you’ve learned along your journey.  We can all use a helping hand.


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