A dog’s best friend should be his vet(s)!!

Being a dog, I find a visit to see one of my vets is pretty scary.  What about you and your pet?
But my mother seems to lap up all that ‘talking time’ with my vets.  I’m just waiting for the dog treats to start flowing (and that’s from Dr. Kevin, not my Mum).
My Mum has learned a lot about animal health from three wonderful vets.  They are all great educators and my Mum is a real student of this medical stuff. Dr. Larry Butler is her horse vet,  Dr. Eddie Beltran and Dr. Kevin Bacon are my personal dog vet team.  My Mum actually hooked up my dog vets years ago, before I was even born.
She also talks to Laurie, another friend who is a small animal vet.  They chat about this ‘doctor stuff’.  I usually doze off at that point, though Laurie gives an amazing butt rub!!

From what I overhear,  ‘OVER-VACCINATION’ is a ‘hot topic’ in the world of pets.  Although my two vets agree that ‘annual shots’ are a thing of the past.  Giving the same shots year after year is exactly what leads to bad reactions in animals – even horses.  My Mum’s first experience of over-vaccination happened about 30 years ago.  Her first horse was 13 years old when he received his regular ‘seasonal shots’. The next day he had a temperature, and swelling at the injection site.  He was uncomfortable and in definite discomfort.  Dr. Butler immediately said that he’d never give that series of vaccines to her horse again.

That episode got my Mum thinking!!  From that point on she asked a lot of questions, read a lot of books on holistic veterinary care.   She believes it’s her ‘job’ to keep her pets safe and do no harm to their health. Times are changing.  Like all professionals, vets don’t agree on the vaccine issue.  As usual, there are studies available to support each side. It’s up to animal owners to be advocates for their animals and use their common sense.

NOW there is ONE definite thing that my Mum always does for me.  She has a ‘blood titer’ done before she will consider giving me ANY vaccine.  Wanna know what that means?  I looked it up for you:

“A titer is a laboratory test that measures the presence and amount of antibodies in blood. A titer may be used to prove immunity to disease. A blood sample is taken and tested. If the test is positive (above a particular known value) the individual has immunity.”

The cost to do a titer is more than the vaccine.  But over vaccinating can lead to serious side effects, horrific vet expenses and heartbreak with dying and very sick animals.  With a titer, my Mum and vet know for sure whether I need more antibodies from a vaccine.

We aren’t advocating ‘no vaccines’.  It just makes sense to titer first and then vaccinate appropriately for your animal and your geographic location.

So that’s the best piece of advice that I can give you now.  My Mum did suggest that I pass along a few links for those of you who want to know more to help you care for your pets.  Here they are:

1. This link has a video and a transcript too.  Dr. John Robb has been a veterinarian for over 30 years.  His mission is to end the ‘mindless over-vaccination of pets’.  He’s interviewed by Dr. Karen Becker (Mercola.com) also a well respected vet, about the issue.


2. The link below will take you to an organization called “Protect The Pets”.  It’s a grass roots movement lead by Dr. Robb to educate pet owners about the realities of over-vaccination.  It provides inspiration to veterinary professionals to value the health of pets over the drive for profits.  There are tons of resources there. So poke around just like I would in the backyard.  Always sniffing out some ‘good stuff’:


I hope I’ve helped you and your pets with the story about my Mum and me.  Talk to your vet if you have any questions about your pet’s health now and in the future.  We’d love to hear any stories you have to share on this topic or any other pet welfare issues.  The reply box below is where to go tell your story too.

Please share this article with anyone you know who wants the best for their pets health and well being.




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