Curious how actors audition nowadays??

For the past year or so, we’ve been helping out local actor, Allison Graham, with her auditions. No, not coaching her acting skills – she’s got that part covered.

We’re providing her with video recording and editing of her auditions. Now, instead of driving to Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal, she texts us to make sure we are available. Then she pops around the corner, we record the audition, edit it and email the final video to her.

These are almost always last minute requests from her agent to submit for various film roles. Just last week Allison landed a 5 day movie role that’s being shot in Ottawa in mid-February.

Part of the fun of doing these is that Roger gets to do a bit of acting as the “off-camera” voice. He delivers all the other lines in the scene that Allison gets to react to. (He’s secretly hoping that he will be “discovered” one day when the producers yell “Get me that voice”.)

In case you don’t know Allison here’s a bit about her from her film and stage bio:


Allison Graham is a respected member of ACTRA and WGC. After graduating from high school, she auditioned for, and was accepted to, The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts (Los Angeles, California), where she spent two years studying theatre. Following graduation she was asked to join the Academy ‘Company’, and in collaboration with nine other actors, enjoyed a challenging and rewarding third year performing theatre pieces. She finished her formal education at Pasadena City College, majoring in creative writing. This combination of schooling provided her with an Associate Degree in Theatre Arts, and has enabled her to strike a fine balance of working both in front of, and behind a camera. Allison returned to Canada in 2000 and now works primarily in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. In addition to an extensive list of Feature Film credits, she has appeared in more than 30 production titles, some of which expanded into major Recurring Roles. Credits include ‘Da Vinci’s Inquest’, ‘The Line’, ‘Being Erica’, ‘The Ron James Show’, ‘Stargate: Atlantis’, ‘Rumours’, ‘The Best Laid Plans’, ‘Doc’, ‘Trailer Park Boys’, ‘Deadfall’, among many others.


Part of our studio set up is for video recording and editing. We are able to do interviews, video sales “talking heads” and video product footage. Our video services also include concept development, scripting and research and on-location recording.

We also have an extensive library of stock video footage as well as royalty free music and sound effects.  These special features can add a dynamic look to video presentations.

Video is one of the most popular and important marketing tools out there.

When you need to tell your story through video, give us a call to see what we can do for you.   (613-283-2237)

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