Blast from the Past and Super Funny Book Title

I’d recognize that voice anywhere.   A blast from the past for sure…..

I was listening to the CBC radio’s show “Q”.  And there he was – Hawkeye from “MASH” TV fame.  It was a short clip of Alan Alda accepting his recent Lifetime Achievement Award  at the 25th Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG Awards).  He ended his short speech with a plea, asking his peers to, “be playful and have fun and keep searching. It couldn’t hurt.”

How appropriate that he spoke those words.  Cause it seems that Alan Alda has had a long life of having a good time and taking us along for the ride.  Tom Powell, host of Q on CBC radio had a wonderful interview with Alda.  I had no idea all of the amazing things that Alda has explored and accomplished.  In fact Zoomer magazine reported him saying ““I find myself led by my nose all the time. I don’t have a master plan….. “I think it’s just a product of my interest, my curiosity, the pleasure I get at accomplishing little things that keep me writing and acting, going on the road.”



You know what really intrigued me????   He’s written a terrific book that’s super interesting, entertaining and helpful.  I simply have to share it with you.  I bought the ebook and also the audio book.  I like it THAT MUCH!!

I simply love the book title and cover.  Let’s you know that it will be a welcome read (or listen).  Hearing Alan read the book definitely adds another layer of fun.



This is a book that will tickle your funny bone while it expands your mind.  It’s about life, relationships, science, acting and business too.  Seriously this is a book for everyone.

I wish I had read this as a teenager.  However, it wasn’t published till 2017.  It’s a new book and it would make a great gift book too.  I discovered a review on Goodreads that cinched my purchase of this book.  I’ll share those words right here:

“Every single person on the planet should read this book. Alan Alda (who is a phenomenal writer) has written a highly informative book about the importance of communicating better. He then goes on to provide innovative and creative ways to help people do so. He is a natural storyteller, and the book is so entertaining that I completed it in one evening. Alda uses miscommunication stories from his own life to demonstrate how important it is for people to understand each other, and the issues that arise when we don’t.”

Here’s a link where you can purchase the book, audio book or ebook.   Take your pick:

I also highly recommend listening to Tom Powell’s interview with Alan Alda.  The link will take you to an audio of the entire show that day.  HOWEVER –  Just listen from the start to 20 min to catch Alan Alda’s short speech accepting his award and then enjoy the super interview.

Let me know what you think of this interview.  If you’ve read the book – share your thoughts on that too.  Alan Alda also has a terrific podcast series called: Clear and Vivid.  There’s a terrific line-up of guests and topics.  Something to appeal to just about everyone.

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