Digging In To Another New Website

We love helping small businesses build a great foundation on the internet.

Despite what all the ads say, getting your first website started ain’t easy. DIY can quickly turn into OMG-WHID (What Have I DONE).

There’s terminology that doesn’t make sense. The “easy” getting started instructions can lead to hours of frustration and cost. That’s why we love to get emails and phone calls from local small businesses asking us if we would give them a hand.

DanOGradyEquipment.com is our latest creation

Dan & Corrine have run their excavation business for 27 years. They’ve wanted a website for several years but had no idea where to start or who to turn to. Fortunately they are on the Miller’s Bay Farm “Farm Fresh Alert” email list. Shannon Miller sent out an email to all of their clients telling them about their new website and how much fun it was to get it rolling with our help and expertise.

That’s all Corrine needed. She got in touch with us, set up a meeting and we were ready to “get creative”.

Digging holes, moving earth and installing septic systems may not be the coolest thing to design a website for, but when people need this service they really need it.

Here’s what Corrine had to say:

“I can’t believe that, with you knowing nothing about our business, with one meeting, sending you a few photos and some point form information, that you could create something this good for us. We love our new logo and how clean and simple it is to find information on our website. Thank you for making it so easy.”

You can check out their website HERE or by clicking on their new logo below.

Got a website that’s “older than dirt”? We can help you add a fresh new look!

Need a website but have no idea where to start? We can help!

Contact us for a FREE consultation at 613-283-2237 or email us HERE


Here’s a few samples of just some of the websites we have designed


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