Love this guy so much – a Canadian Musical Gem

Years ago I fell in love with this musician while watching late night American TV.

I had no idea who he was – but I was transfixed by his fabulous voice and singing.

Amazed to discover that he was a Canadian.  Man – what a talent!!

He’s a singer/songwriter and his work covers a wide variety of genres.   He’s written songs for well-known artists like Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, Bette Midler, Josh Groban and Cher.

Recently I saw him in live performance, again.   Though it’s the fourth time I’ve seen him live, I always fall in love with him all over again, the moment he walks on stage.

So last week I was cruising around looking for videos of Marc Jordan.  I needed a ‘Marc Jordan fix’ that day.

WOW – I came across a beautiful video with Marc joining Laila Biali for a rare performance of his song ‘Tears of Hercules’.  Laila is a Canadian jazz singer and pianist. She has been nominated for and won a Juno Award and has worked with Chris Botti and Sting.

CLICK HERE to take a break and chill to this amazing Canadian performance.   Pretty sure it will be a highlight of your day!!

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Lift their spirits too!

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  1. OMG what a beautiful rendition of this song. How has this gem of an artist been hidden for so long. He is incredible, his voice sent goosebumps on my arms. Does he have any albums, keep us informed of any further concerts if you hear. Thanks, perfect way to start the day.

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