Did you know your face ‘gives you away’ in micro seconds?

My absolute #1 summer read for 2018 is a book called “Captivate” by Vanessa Van Edwards. 

On a personal and professional level – this book is an absolute gem!

It’s jam packed with fun and scientific information about communicating with others.   I’m sure it will become a classic in the area of relationships and “the science of succeeding with people”.

(You can purchase this book at your favourite bookseller in all formats)



One of the most interesting things I learned was about the seven universal ‘microexpressions’.  These are based on the work of Dr. Paul Ekman, the world’s foremost expert on facial expressions.  This is absolutely fascinating stuff!

To pique your interest,  here’s a link to a short video done by the author Vanessa Van Edwards who demonstrates the key expressions.

YES – I’m curious  to see these  7 universal microexpressions

All of this gets even more interesting.  Vanessa gives glowing credit to Dr Ekman’s work – he was her mentor.  She revealed that she is hooked on a Netflix series called “Lie To Me”,  which is based on Dr. Ekman’s work. He has served as an advisor to police departments and anti-terrorism groups and acted as a scientific consultant in the production of the series.


We introduced the show to a family member. She was ‘hooked’ on the first episode and  ready to binge watch after that.  Click on the image for Wikipedia details about the show.  All three seasons are currently on Netflix – so be sure to check it out for yourself.




Have you read this book?   What fascinated you?  Share your thoughts.  Have you watched the TV series?  Did you think it was a terrific crime show without the usual ‘blood and guts’? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section.

Please – share this blog with all your favourite folks – for the book recommendation,  the TV series and the Microexpressions video too.  It’s a complete package of goodies!!



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