We Hit the Roof creating this Video

What do you find at the top of a roof? The peak, of course!

And what’s a business network meeting in Stittsville got to do with the peak of a roof?

Well we have just put the finishing touches on a series of videos for ROOFPEAK.ca

I recently got reacquainted with a former Smiths Falls resident at just such a meeting. I knew the face was familiar and when he said his name the penny dropped.

Lorne Sheridan’s Dad, Borden, ran the feed store in downtown Smiths Falls for many years. He repaired lots of horse tack for us over the years.

Lorne wasn’t there to talk about his Dad’s old feed business. He was there to share about his new venture called ROOFPEAK. He brokers deals between homeowners and roofing contractors. It’s a brilliant concept that saves homeowners money and heartache getting a new roof. Plus roofers love it because they don’t have to get off a roof to go and quote on their next job. It’s a win-win for both sides.

The videos we produced are being used on their website and in promoting the business on social media.

The first one uses an interview technique with added graphics to tell the story behind Roofpeak. Check it out below.

Here’s a sample of the shorter “explainer” videos that use animations and graphics to quickly get across information to the viewer in an entertaining and engaging way.

It’s a great concept and if you lived in Smiths Falls you’ll probably recognize Lorne. And, if you live anywhere between Kingston and Ottawa and you need a new roof, you might want to check out their website too.

If you have a business and would like to explore ways to use video to engage your customers, give us a call at 613-283-2237 for a free consultation.

Click Here for more sample videos.



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2 Responses

  1. Hi Roger
    Thank you so much for such a professional job.
    You were right to say our video would draw more customers. It’s impressive.
    I will be back to you soon with some more recording projects.
    Thanks again.

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