I spent Saturday photographing the Parkinson’s Superwalk in Perth. It was one of those “give back to the community” jobs that we are happy to take on.

These invariably get me realizing just how lucky and grateful I am for having my health. From what I know – Parkinson’s ain’t fun!

But seeing several hundred people gather together to support each other and to raise funds for continuing research and local programs gives a different perspective. Despite the effects of Parkinson’s, these people were amazing to be around. Positive and upbeat and not willing to let anything get the better of them.

Not to single out any one person, but the organizer, Pat Evans, is someone that really exemplifies that spirit. She has rallied the troops for the past couple of years by spearheading the local Parkinson’s Superwalk. She does it in a soft and subtle way, but you can see that she has the love and respect of her committee.

So much so that they nominated her for the Parkinson’s National Hero Award and she was eventually chosen as the 2018 National Hero.

Since her diagnosis 12 years ago, Pat has met so many people with Parkinson’s and their care partners who have faced their own “new reality” with courage and determination. “I have always believed that one person can make a difference but what has kept me going are those who face many more challenges than me with such grace. They are the true heroes.”

Pat first became involved with the Parkinson SuperWalk in 2008. She organized the first walk in Lanark North Leeds in 2017, raising over $31,000, a considerable amount for a first time walk in a rural area. The 2018 walk has already surpassed that amount with donations in excess of $40,000 and still climbing.


Congratulations to Pat and her group of volunteers for running such a successful event. See you next year!


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