Do you love reading with your ears?

I confess – I am a book addict.  I’ve loved reading from the time I was a very small child.

It’s all my mother’s fault. She always said ‘books are your friends’.  I have so-o-o-o-o many friends living in my house (my husband shudders with the $$$$$$ spent). But hey – friendship is priceless! Mum was absolutely right!!

My latest ‘reading’ passion is actually a ‘listening’ passion.  Yup – me, the queen of hardcopy reading is loving the beauty of the audiobook, especially while driving.

I’m not a total ludite.  I have listened to audiobooks – but only in the non-fiction category. It never occurred to me to ‘listen’ to a novel.  BUT THEN – something wonderful happened!

I discovered the Eleanor of Aquitaine trilogy on audiobooks.  OMG – an absolutely stunning and compelling story created by Elizabeth Chadwick.  I realized that from the time saved listening while driving, plus not owning three more books,  the audiobook choice made sense.  What a great decision!


The three books in the trilogy are “The Summer Queen”, “The Winter Crown” and “The Autumn Throne”.   It’s a timeless story and grabbed  me from the first page. The narrator is brilliant. I am nearing the end of the second book.  Binge listening is my tactic to finish the third book.  Of course, I’ll be very sad when I’ve finished it.

Here’s a quick little video about ‘The Summer Queen” which has a lovely feel for the style and tone of the series.  Check it out for yourself.










Heads up – this is not a ‘bodice ripping’ read.  Quite the contrary!  It was well researched and written. Here’s a link to the author’s website about the Eleanor trilogy.  Some good resources here, should you be curious.

I recommend these ‘books’ with a TEN STAR rating. They are THAT GOOD, in my humble estimation. Whatever your favourite way to read – get your hands on “The Summer Queen” Give it a go.  These aren’t new books – so Google or go to your fav bookseller and let them find them for you.

My last confession – I’ve already ordered a paperback copy of “The Winter Crown” to actually ‘read with my eyes’.  I am that enamoured with Chadwick’s writing that I want to read it for myself.

OH YEAH – I am an ‘Eleanor of Aquitaine’ junkie. (Full disclosure – I do not receive any monetary value from promoting these books)  I’m simply a book lover who wants to share good reads with others.

Please help me out.  If you’ve read any good biographies of Eleanor (or other novels) – please share that info in the comments section below.  I’m all for learning more about this amazing woman.

I’d love to hear your comments too, if you’ve read any of these books.  Please share this blog with any of your friends who might enjoy these books.


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