Pets do the Darndest Things!!

One of the best reasons for living with dogs and cats is that they MAKE YOU LAUGH on a regular basis.  They have an innate ability to choose the most inconvenient moment to get your attention.  Try as you might,  you can’t usually ignore them – PERSISTENCE is also one of their best traits!

I came across this hilarious video of cats and dogs helping their owners with their exercise programs.  It hit home with me, cause I often do exercise routines in my home.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s quiet stretching or bouncy aerobics – my furry kids always hang around.   So if you want a good laugh (whether you exercise or not) – you’ll get tons of smiles, watching this video.

After you’ve seen it – share with us what your furry friends have done to you.  There are several favourite antics in the video that my cats or my dogs have in their repertoire.  I’ll tell if YOU tell!!


pets interrupt yoga





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