So sad – I lost my buddy Michelle while driving home

We were so close for the last little while.  I loved our time together.  She was so much fun to be with.

To be honest – though I felt really close to her – she didn’t really know me.  But Michelle Obama really touched me as I listened to her story. I spent nearly 20 hours listening to Michelle Obama narrate her new book “Becoming”.  And I loved every minute of it. But on my drive home last week I finished the last chapter.  She will no longer be my sidekick during drive time. So sad to say goodbye to her story.

Before I purchased the audiobook, I knew about it, but hadn’t got around to ordering it.  However after listening to Oprah interview Michelle, I knew I simply HAD to read it.  That interview was terrific – all one hour and fifteen minutes of it.

If you want a feel for Michelle’s book – here’s a short 3 min video clip of Oprah and Michelle the day the book was launched.  I still recommend the longer interview with the two of them, if you’re curious to know even more before you commit to reading it.  You’ll find the interview online by googling ‘Oprah and Michelle Obama’.

NOW – I can’t stress how much I enjoyed listening to Michelle narrate her book.  She has a lovely voice and energy.  It truly feels like she’s in the room/car with you.  That being said, I gave the book to my husband to read.  I know he’ll enjoy it. It’s not a girly book by any stretch. (I’m glad I have the print version too – the photos are great and  it’ll be easy to reread favourite sections).

The look behind the scenes of her ‘Becoming’ the down to earth and influential woman that she is,  makes a powerful story.  I learned a lot about her family and career too.


I’m glad I have both. If you drive/travel a fair bit, you may find the audiobook a great way to hear her story. The actual book is definitely a way to go as well.  It’s up to you.  You may very well find you’ll end up with both, just like me.

My guess is that some of you have already read it. It could have been a Christmas gift or perhaps just a gift you deserved to give to yourself.  In the comments below, please share your reflections and impressions of her story.  It would be fun to get into a conversation with each other about this wonderful book.  It’s no wonder that it got on Oprah’s list.   It’s also the best selling book of 2018!


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