Looks like ‘Karma’ intervened during a poaching attempt in Africa

I’m a dog and my parents are animal lovers.
(Note: My parents say I look very ‘Lion-esque’ in this photo)

We find the photographs of trophy hunters and poachers with their victims despicable.  I often overhear my Mum ranting on about these people and their terrible activity.

It’s well known that many animal species such as elephants, rhinos, tigers, and lions are facing extinction.  Whether it’s poachers or trophy hunters – it’s usually illegal to do what they do.  Humans aren’t very successful at stopping this tragedy.

FINALLY – a ‘feel good’ story for the animals.  Mother Nature is seeking justice and the animals were called into duty in this story.  As a four-footed creature – I’m so proud of them…..

According to the news story, an elephant attacked a group of four poachers who entered Kruger Park in South Africa.  They were apparently hunting for rhinos.  The elephant attacked and killed one of them.  The remaining poachers dragged the body away, hoping a passersby would find it.

As the story unfolded, my Mum said that she couldn’t help but think that Karma was at play here.  Lions were part of the plan and the upshot seems to be that the three suspects/accomplices have been charged and an inquest will ensue.

To read the story you can check out this link: “Rhino poacher killed by elephant…”  AND I promise there are no gory photos here. I think you’ll be quite surprised to hear the entire story.

While writing this blog my Mum saw a notification online and started to do a ‘happy dance’.  She saw a fresh news story called: (click on it to read the full story)

Rhino Poachers Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison,Setting a New Precedent in South Africa

This is fabulous news.  Right now I’m barking for joy!   More four footed creatures will be saved than ever before.  And it’s nice knowing that the rest of the animal kingdom is on guard for the future too.

What do you think of this story?  What North American endangered species do you care about the most?  We look forward to reading your comments below.   Please share this blog with all the animal lovers you know.

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