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29-Droogh2014In this day and age of so many cameras EVERYWHERE – it can be difficult to ‘get’ that great portrait of a child being natural and not mugging or goofing around for the camera.  While it can be fun to see a kid ‘pulling a face’, ‘doing the pout’,  or giving the cheeky body language – that isn’t usually the image that Mom & Dad or Grandparents want hanging on their wall or tucked lovingly into their wallets for years to come.  It will be good to embarrass them with years later – but that’s about all.

Our client Laurie wants fabulous portraits of her children as they grow up.  Ever since they were babies, she has brought them for yearly portrait sessions and has a wonderful collection of portraits in her home (and in her wallet).

Heather is ten and Michael is eight.  So these children have grown up with Roger as their ‘official photographer’. They’ve always had a good time ‘doin’ their thing’.  This year’s session was a blast,  as they each decided to bring a ‘prop’ that is important to them at this point in their lives. This is a great way to engage kids in their sessions – because it’s all about their life and interests and not just a pretty picture for Grandma!

Click on the image below and you’ll see a video collage of some of the terrific images for 2014 of these two GREAT youths who are definitely members of Arranel Studios ‘KOOL Kids Klub’!!

Laurie will also be able to create dynamic Christmas Cards with these photographs and this video.  That’s right with her SendOutCards account, she can use these portrait images, plus add the unique video.  She will save time, money and impress the heck out of her family and friends too!

Try sending a free card. It’s on us! Click HERE to simplify your Christmas Card sending.

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