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It was heartbreaking to hear the recent news about the suicides of young people in Attiwapiskat and Cross Lake.   I felt helpless and powerless to help these people in need!  Horrifying to think that youth in our country are feeling so hopeless and lost.

Then I read a post online that struck a cord with me.  What I could do was small – but the surviving youths were actually asking for something that was totally possible for me TO DO!!

Continue reading below for the excerpt from the post that put me into action. As you scroll – you will also see what I did for my small part.  I sent one to each of the reserves.  Please read the info below and take the time to send your words of support in a tangible way. Choose a card, a letter or a short note, it will be your thoughts and deeds that matter.  I hope they receive hundreds and thousands of these messages. I want them to be able to touch and see our support so they can begin to  believe in themselves and their future.

” At a community gathering of youth in Attiwapiskat this week, the youth began to look at what is available to them, what they need to begin healing and to create hopeful futures and they identified many beautiful and important things like a library, sports and recreation, and pow wows. But what really touched (pulled!) my heart was their request for prayers and messages of support.

I remember very dark days in my life. I am sure you remember yours. I also remember the people who helped me believe I could be strong for one more day, or believe I was worthy of being alive. Words have the power to heal and change lives. So I am sharing my words of love and support for these youth and I hope you will too.

May we all remember our human KINDNESS.”

If you would like to join me in sending love notes to these youth, the addresses are below.

Cross Lake Nation: Youth in Cross Lake, Cross Lake Band Office, P.O.Box 10, Cross Lake, MAN ROB OJO

Attawapiskat: Youth in Attawapiskat,
P.O. Box 248
Attawapiskat ON
P0L 1A0

Here’s the card that I sent to the Attiwapiskat Youth:


I wrote a simple and heartfelt message and decided to brighten up the interior with one of my photographs and a quote I love.
I wrote a simple and heartfelt message and decided to brighten up the interior with one of my photographs and a quote I love.


I felt so good doing this.  It only took about 30 minutes of my time to make these cards with my fabulous SendOutCards service. The company also prints, stuffs and mails the cards for me – they were into Canada Post within 24 hours.  With the low price of $1.75 CA per card + postage,  I plan to send a few more of these over the next year.  A monthly campaign sounds good to me.  Then they’ll know I’m not a ‘one shot wonder’.  You can CLICK HERE if you would like to email me for more info about SendOutCards.  Believe me,  it can make your life (and the lives of others) better and more fun too!

What do you think of this idea?  Did it tug at your heart strings too?  Let us know if you plan to send along your support message to these struggling youths.  We’d love to hear your comments below.


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