Do you enjoy a gourmet experience?

We’ve had many gourmet experiences over the years – but we had a whole new experience last weekend.

Friends of ours opened up a business in Merrickville, Ontario called “The Joy of Olives”.   It’s a ‘tasting room’ experience with a delicious selection of extra virgin olive oils and tasty flavour-infused oils too.  There’s also an array of inspiring dark and white balsamic vinegars.

I’ve never been to a tasting room.  It was not only a delight to taste – it was delightful to look at.  The decor of the shop is dynamic and simple.

Our taste buds were doing a happy dance as we wandered around the shop and tasted the most amazing oils and balsamics. Carrie and Jim were excellent hosts who made wonderful suggestions.

We found it a challenge to not want one of every flavour.  It was so difficult to choose a favourite ONE!   However they’ve thought of that and sell small sample bottles that are perfect gifts but also a great way to try many different flavours.  You can also choose from three different sized larger bottles for the ones you want to commit to.  We found their pricing truly reasonable.


In the end we chose one larger bottle which we felt would let us go sweet or savoury in combination with food selections.  Then we chose four sample size bottles – four vinegars and one olive oil.

Whatever large size oils or vinegars that you purchase are bottled fresh right in the shop.

If you’re not a nearby resident of Merrickville – plan to visit the area on your next holiday to Eastern Ontario.  There’s lots to see and do, especially in Smiths Falls at the new “Tweed” complex with their fantastic visitor information centre.

The Joy of Olives is a place we’ll return to over and over again. I’m making my Christmas gift list already.  It’ll be a gourmet 2019 for my family and friends.



Here’s a shot of me leaving the store with my purchases.  The unique style and design on the exterior of the building will make it very easy to find on Wellington Street West, just a block down from St. Lawrence St – the main street of Merrickville.

What are your favorite flavoured oils and balsamics?  Have you ever experienced a ‘tasting room’ for gourmet offerings? Please share your comments with us below.

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