Get ‘REAL’ with their 25th Anniversary Video

What do you know about ‘Getting REAL’ ?  Well, we’ve just learned a whole lot about REAL,  (the Rideau Environmental Action League) a vibrant and progressive organization that does great work in Lanark County.  We became smarter, while on the job working with REAL to create a 25th Anniversary Video that will be used to promote their work in the local communities.

We completed the video just in time for its debut on Oct. 29th at The Station Theatre in Smiths Falls.  The video is packed with great photos and information about REAL, over the years.  Our awareness has been heightened and our appreciation has grown tremendously for REAL’s work over the last quarter century.

Take a few moments and watch the video.  You’ll be impressed and perhaps, like us, you’ll come out the other side realizing that this is an organization that deserves our volunteer time and donations for the environmental security of our community.

We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section,  after watching the video.  What did you learn?  Did you like the presentation style?  What suggestions do you have for their 50th Anniversary Video????


REAL Video link

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