I Fell in Love with “Falling Into Now”

It’s so-o-o exciting when a personal friend writes and publishes a book.  Especially when it’s a gritty and inspiring story about the author’s exciting and life-altering journey.

My friend Claire Smith has done that.  She gave me the chance to read her manuscript this past summer.  At that point it had not been published.

I fell in love with her story – just as so many others have – since the books arrived last month.

As a young girl, Claire fell in love with horses.  She developed her passion to the elite level, becoming a Olympic equestrian athlete for Canada. In mid career, she suffered a catastrophic fall while competing at the European Championships.

In that moment her life changed completely.  She began an arduous journey of “Falling Into Now”.  Her storyline is gripping and inspiring.

She had me ‘hook, line and sinker’ from the beginning to the end of her tale.  This book is a terrific read and will uplift so many people from all walks of life.

Don’t take my word for it.  Take a look at what others are saying…

A Page Turner

“I’ve just finished reading this book and must admit I had a hard time putting it down. After the author has a life altering accident at the European Three Day Event Championships she takes the reader on a journey of her resulting struggle with loss, recovery, and the search for a new identity. I think both riders and non riders alike will be captivated by this inspiring memoir.” • Marilyn


“Falling Into Now is a memoire that will pull at your heart. Such a touching and inspirational story of someone who speaks honestly of life after loss. I could not put the book down while I followed along on her journey of discovery, self acceptance and the love and devotion a family has for one another.” • Danny

This book is for everyone.

“This book is not just about horses. It’s relatable to all as it winds through the experiences of belonging and not belonging, loss and change, fear and triumph. It teaches that we don’t have to be defined or limited by some of our life experiences. We can all strive to reach such self awareness, understanding and inner peace.” •Alexandy2

This book will make a terrific gift.  With Christmas just around the corner – it will put a smile on the faces of many folks on your list.

Here’s a link to Claire’s website  clairesmith-author.ca.   This link will take you to her ‘order now’ page for details on purchasing her book.

Browse around her website for media details and other info about Claire.  You will also be able to read the first chapter of the book on her website.  Here’s a bio clip from the website:

If you’ve read the book, please share your comments below.  Brain injuries are an important topic. Do you know anyone who has been brain injured or family and friends of a brain injury survivor?  Please share this blog with them.  It may be very helpful in their journey too.



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