If you’re a dog lover – then you’ll love this…

Just so you know – MY MUM IS AN ANIMAL LOVER!!!

Does she have a favourite species??  Let’s not ask her to choose a favourite  fur-kid.


BUT, the other day I heard her telling my ‘Dad’ to be sure to set up the PVR to tape the new Netflix series that begins on November 16It’s called ‘DOGS’, and promises to be a hit with dog lovers for sure.  But even cat lovers will be touched by the delightful stories of dogs and their humans.

Netflix revealed that “the 6 episode series tracks incredible stories from across the globe including Syria, Japan, Costa Rica, Italy and the US — each proving that the unconditional love one feels for their dog is a beautiful universal truth.

You can expect to see “the deep emotional bonds between people and their beloved four-legged friends” across the world . A talented doggie cast features:  therapy dogs, rescue dogs, talented singing dogs, and of course, puppy dogs.  This ‘doggie-series’ promises to tug your heartstrings.   A box of tissues beside the remote is advised.

Netflix assembled  a pack of award-winning directors to create this heart-warming series. Oscar-nominated directors Amy Berg and Heidi Ewing,  and Oscar-winning directors Roger Ross Williams, TJ Martin and Daniel Lindsay, and Emmy-winning Richard Hankin were the creative masters who bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.

But don’t take all this from a mere canine like myself.  For a taste of what you can expect – click here or on the graphic below to the Netflix’s official trailer.

I’d love to know what humans think of this series.  I’ll be watching it with my folks. (unless I drift off,  but if there’s barking – I will wake up right away).  So if you can – get back and give us your thoughts.  In the meantime – are there other animal documentaries, shows, movies, or series that make you ‘warm and fuzzy’ all over?   If so, please share it with the rest of us – four legged as well as two legged.  Just go to the comments section below.

OH and be sure to share this with your family and friends.  Their pets would like to watch this series with them.  

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