Did you know that cute photos of newborns can be dangerous?

Who hasn’t seen those ‘cute’ photos of newborn babies all over social media?  Today, everyone thinks they are a photographer.  In fact, many parents, grandparents or well-meaning friends are a newborn’s first photographer.  The fact is – there are dangers these kind hearted folks need to understand.

We want you to know that this isn’t self-serving on our part.  We no longer do baby portraits – so we’re not trying to attract more business. But when we read this article, we had to share it.  Many kind-hearted ‘photographers’ would never know the dangers to avoid when photographing a newborn.

The linked article here is short and to the point.  Please do not skip the links built into the article. They show actual newborn poses.  Then they explain the safety concerns and techniques needed for safety. Make sure you go to the link about the newborn blinded by the well-meaning family friend photographer.


Did you find this article helpful?   PLEASE pass this blog on to ANYONE that you think should know this information.  We want to make sure babies are safe.  We also want to inform parents, grandparents, and friends – before a catastrophe.


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