A Christmas Card that Wasn’t for Christmas????

What’s up with a greeting card with candy canes on the cover that IS NOT for Christmas??  Sounds crazy!  Take a look at my story.  It starts with the cover of my NOT Christmas card – HERE IT IS!

Gracie card cover


That’s Gracie – my equine buddy for the last 7 years.  She’s wearing a ‘reindeer’ hat.  She has always hated having her ears touched because of an accident, when she ripped her right ear quite severely. Most folks at the stable thought I’d never be able to get the ‘hat’ on her for that reason.  SUCCESS – on the very first attempt – and she just looks so cute too.

I accomplished this 2 days before Christmas.  Too late to send out Christmas cards but I have ten terrific pals at the stable who’d get a kick out of my little NOT Christmas story.

Fortunately, because I’ve been using SendOutCards for nearly six years now – I knew how to send a great NOT Christmas card to them. AND my friends are totally worth a lot more than the $1.78 each for the card, including the stamp. AND SendOutCards prints and mails the cards for me too!



I had tons of fun creating the interior of the card with photos taken while I was ‘dressing Gracie up’.  I decided to write the message as if Gracie herself was sending the card.  Here’s how that looks…….

Gracie card interior

It gets even better because SendOutCards lets me create my own customized back on the card. Had to put the ‘humourous finishing touch’.  It looks like this……

Gracie card - back cover

How cute is Gracie surrounded by the wreath motif? It’s a perfect ending to my ‘card story’.  I expect that Canada Post will have these ‘greeting card gifts’ in my friends’ mailboxes this week.

I’m looking forward to hearing their feedback when they open a card with a return address from a horse!! Too funny!!!

I’m glad I have such a terrific and economical way to send my friends a laugh, anytime I want.  It costs less than a great cup of coffee and warms the heart for much longer too.

I bet your family and friends worth $1.78 (probably even more). Want to know a more about SendOutCards and how it can bring joy to you and others in 2016?  Just click on this link and let us know.  We’ll be in touch to give you the quick tour and see if it’s a fit for you.

Please share any card stories that you have. Believe it or not cards have a terrific impact on people.  Especially when they arrive ‘out of the blue’ simply because you took the time and thought of them!




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