“Printography” – It’s What We Do

As professional photographers, we’ve known this for years. Printing photographs is one of the most important things we do for our clients.

Back in the “olden days” – pre-digital – printing photos was the only way to see them. Nobody could “see” the final image until it was physically printed on photographic paper. Sure there was a negative (remember those orange bits of plastic), but the negative was just the “recipe” for the final picture. It contained all the ingredients but it still need to be “cooked” in the darkroom kitchen to reveal it.


Or maybe Dad shot “slides” while on vacation. Sure the image was there to directly see, but it was tiny. It needed to be projected, and that meant dragging out the bulky projector and screen.

Having a real, tangible photograph to either hang on the wall or in an album is a rare experience these days. That’s why we produce finished photographs as a major part of what we do as professional PRINTOGRAPHERS.

This was brought home to us a couple of weeks ago when we were photographing The Omnes Arts Circle Dance School (formerly the Perth School of Dance). We have been the photographers for the school for many years. We were talking to some of the parents and they were saying how grateful they are to have the PRINTS of their kids from each year of dance. They love looking at them and they have fun actually talking to their dancers about their past recital experiences.



That’s why we call the prints “Memory Mates”.

The pictures aren’t digital files, buried on a lost phone or technologically obsolete computer hard drive. They are either framed on a wall or carefully tucked into an album where they can been seen and held in your hand.


As PRINTOGRAPHERS, we take great pride in the quality of our printed images – whether for wall display or in beautifully hand-crafted albums.

We print on high quality photographic paper, canvas or metal to exacting standards that will last for decades to come – no technology required to view and enjoy.


Are you planning a family gathering this summer?

We’re currently booking spring, summer and fall Family Portrait Sessions
either here at the studio or at your location.


For details check out our Portrait section HERE
or call us at 613-283-2237 to set up a time for us
to show you our great selection of heirloom portraits.

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