Arranel Studios Video Production

Video is the ‘KING’ of marketing these days! You may not like it – but you should – for lots of good reasons!

Here’s some marketing information to reinforce the power of video in your marketing plan.


1. A website visitor who watches a product video is 85% more likely to make a purchase than if they hadn’t. Source: Internet Realtor, April 2010

2. With proper search engine optimization, video increases the change of a front page Google result by 53 times. Source: Forrester, January 2010

3. Professional videos on a website ‘landing page’ will gain customer engagement and response by 4 – 7 times. Source: SearchEngine Watch


The reality is that consumers go to websites to check out businesses long before they make a purchase. Make no mistake – Google and Youtube have become the middle men between you and your prospective customers and current clients. Videos are a key in your ongoing marketing strategy for cost effective and promotional reasons.


Let us help you incorporate and create videos into your marketing strategy.


Our expertise comes from:

  1. Formal training at Ryerson University in Radio & Television Arts
  2. Owning and operating Arranel Studios – a photographic and graphic arts business
  3. Being small business owners for over 40 years – we understand your viewpoint!


Click on the video below and you’ll see a short ‘snippet’ reel of different video styles. It may give you some bright ideas for your own business. Below that video you will find a link where you can view numerous short videos in the full. Again – you will hopefully get more inspiration.